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interested in extensions?

we see you, girl
You deserve to feel beautiful, and with an investment like extensions, you'll feel even more beautiful than you already are.

Click the link below to fill out a brief questionnaire,

and we will contact you ASAP to chat with you about your dream hair! 

There is nothing more annoying than worrying if your extensions are showing when you have your hair up in a ponytail. What if we told you that your days of worrying about that WERE OVER?! Yes, you read that right - you can wear your hair up, down or sideways, and no one would ever know you had extensions. We are passionate about giving you the most natural and SEAMLESS extensions. 


There are many avenues when it comes to extensions: length, thickness, method of installation, etc. 

At Amber & Sage Hair Co, we make it simple for you, while still giving you the hair of your dreams!

what to expect

initial consultation

installation day

maintenance time

during your complimentary consultation, we will discuss your hair goals & dreams, as well as your hair needs. we will determine the best road to take to achieve these goals, as well as talk about investment and what maintenance looks like. we will also CUSTOM color match your hair with the highest quality hair on the market!

the best day aside from your birthday. on this day we will make hair dreams come true and have you leaving feeling like a million bucks. 

typically 8-10 weeks, we will "move up" your extensions, as well as maintain any color you have.

wanting extensions

without the look of


our commitment to you

We custom color, cut and place only the best quality hair, adding volume, length and thickness so you can have the hair you've always dreamed of.

We are passionate about bringing you the BEST quality, while also making sure that your hair stays healthy.

We are committed to making sure your hair is in the best suitable condition for extensions, making sure that all of our clients leave with beautiful, seamless hair extensions.

Our clients are committed to living with natural, beautiful, manageable, long hair and trust us to give them their Pinterest hair.

girl, do it for you.

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