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We were dreaming of something bigger. We knew we wanted to branch out on our own, and we had talked about our dream space for MONTHS. We started talking about doing something together and then BOOM! Lexi and Chase started dating. How does that relate?? Well... If you don't know our family dynamic, Alex is married to Chance, and Chase and Chance are brothers! Sounds like something out of a Disney movie if you ask me. WHOOP WHOOP, built in besties! While trying to figure out a name for our future salon, we created a Pinterest board FULL of our dream colors, ideas, aesthetics etc. we realized most of our colors in this board were Amber & Sage.. and it just kinda.. STUCK. In November of 2020, we made the best decision of our lives and never looked back!

While where we are at is temporary, we are hard at work at creating our DREAM SPACE, but it doesn’t end there. We are focusing on our WHY.. for our clients and for our future staff. You might’ve seen it in our bios or on previous instagram posts, our motto is “girl, do it for you” and that resonates in every aspect of Amber & Sage Hair Co. As a client, you should “do it for you” by investing in a new set of hand-tied extensions that make you feel even more beautiful & confident. As a future fellow stylist, you should “do it for you” and invest in your career by being part of a stylist family that is passionate about education, professionalism, and social media presence, all of which can sometimes be hard to come by when looking for a salon home. DO IT FOR YOU and change up your hair color because you’re feeling fancy. DO IT FOR YOU and take that expensive class because you know it’ll contribute to your dream income.

Girl, just do it for YOU. 🖤

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